Suggested WordPress As A Directory Plugins

Here is a non-exhaustive list of WordPress plugins and themes that may help you to create a business or organization directory listing site, similar to yellow pages or yelp... only without the millions of dollars in startup money. Most smaller projects that are local based or have only one category of product/business type can get away with the free plugins Read Article

Websites using Tradesouthwest Free WordPress Themes

At Tradesouthwest we give back to the Open Source community by building free themes for the world at large and posting them to the repository. Here is a list of websites on the Internet that use some of our free themes. Read Article

Open Source Saves You Money

Larry has many available Open source programs on and many live Themes on as well as business and personal websites all over the world. Skill sets most focussed on currently: HTML[5], CSS[3], PHP, MySQL, PDO Java, CMS, (Wordpress, Custom...) CRM, eCommerce eMail Marketing, Real Estate IDX, Forms Business Portals, Document Management, Databases, writing scripts, design and deploy websites Read Article