Good Editors for working on Code

Many clients ask me about editing files and the first thing I mention is to not use MS Word or Open Office Writer. these are designed for writing manuscripts and documents but not for writing HTML based scripts. Desktop editors are specific to what kind of document you are editing. Word and other document editors are designed to preserve paragraphs and headings and make the output look like it was written to present formatted layout specific to a letter or a legal document, to name a few.

Code editors are designed to preserve, validate, format and even compare lines of code which are typed to the page. If you attempted to edit a code based page with a document editor you would lose all the precious work you spent so much time creating and the code would be scrambled on the page and ultimately not return any results once the file is uploaded to your site. (We do call pages of code, documents but more often they are called scripts.)

Here is a list of acceptable editors the can be used to edit files which will eventually be put into a WordPress functions file or into a CSS style sheet or any other code based file type.

Text Editors

The following text editors are acceptable for file editing:

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