Asked Gemini how to avoid AI bots from using my written content

Here is what I got for a response: Completely preventing web crawler bots from accessing your content is challenging, but several methods can make it more difficult and discourage them. It’s important to note that some ethical bots, like search engine crawlers, exist to index and make your content discoverable. Balancing accessibility with control is key. Here are some options

The Agile Process Flow

Goals Ready In Progress In Review Back Log Features Simple example of an Agile project manager table: Goals Ready In Progress In Review eCommerce Add plugin waiting on prices Update Images Have 1st images Need fill object (faces) Concept – Projects are envisioned and prioritized Inception – Team members are identified, funding is put in place, and initial environments and

Importance of a Project Brief for Website Creation

  It can not be stressed enough how important it is to have a complete plan of process for building any new website. At the least what is required would be a Project Brief. The author of a new website would most likely start a Brief using these five elements as a starting point. 1. Goal identification: Determine what goals

Over 85 percent shopped online worldwide

“MORE THAN 85 PERCENT of the world’s online population (875 million) has used the Internet to make a purchase – increasing the market for online shopping by 40 percent in the past two years…” according to a Nielsen Global Online Survey reported early this year. How do these Internet users select their shopping sites? Nielsen’s statistics reveal some interesting facts.

Various Methods of Creating a Project Brief

Creating a website project and explaining your needs of what you want done by a freelancer or by a private contractor who specializes in WordPress, might turn out best, in the end, if you are well prepared and have all your ducks in a row when diving into the project. The number one item that can speed up the process

Suggested WordPress As A Directory Plugins

Here is a non-exhaustive list of WordPress plugins and themes that may help you to create a business or organization directory listing site, similar to yellow pages or yelp… only without the millions of dollars in startup money. Most smaller projects that are local based or have only one category of product/business type can get away with the free plugins

Websites using Tradesouthwest Free WordPress Themes

At Tradesouthwest we give back to the Open Source community by building free themes for the world at large and posting them to the repository. Here is a list of websites on the Internet that use some of our free themes.   The American Civil War Shooting Association (ACWSA) Debate Plugin by TSW (military science

Good Editors for working on Code

Many clients ask me about editing files and the first thing I mention is to not use MS Word or Open Office Writer. these are designed for writing manuscripts and documents but not for writing HTML based scripts. Desktop editors are specific to what kind of document you are editing. Word and other document editors are designed to preserve paragraphs

Does it Belong in a WordPress Plugin

To decide if a function can be included in a theme or if it must be put into a plugin depends on whether or not it is going to be a permanent part of the theme or it will not always be used specifically on the one theme. If the function changes the way the content is delivered to the

SEO What Say You

Best Time to post or blog: 6-9 AM and 1-5 PM in weekdays is best time;
18% higher Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday;
32% Engagement rates on Sunday