Asked Gemini how to avoid AI bots from using my written content

Here is what I got for a response:

Completely preventing web crawler bots from accessing your content is challenging, but several methods can make it more difficult and discourage them. It’s important to note that some ethical bots, like search engine crawlers, exist to index and make your content discoverable. Balancing accessibility with control is key. Here are some options to consider:

Basic methods:

  • robots.txt: This file allows you to specify which crawlers can access different parts of your website. While some bots respect it, malicious ones might not.
  • Password protection: Requiring a login eliminates anonymous access, but limits legitimate uses as well.
  • Dynamic content: Generating content on the fly using Javascript can make it harder for bots to parse, but adds complexity and might affect SEO.
  • Change website structure: Regularly modifying your site’s HTML structure makes it harder for bots to learn and scrape content efficiently.

Advanced methods:

  • Captcha: These challenges presented to users before accessing content can deter automated bots, but are often inconvenient for human users.
  • Honeytraps: Embedding hidden content meant for bots can help identify and block them.
  • Rate limiting: Restricting the number of requests from a single IP address can slow down bots.
  • Header manipulation: Sending misleading headers about your content type can confuse some bots.
  • Legal options: If scraping violates your copyright or terms of service, legal action might be an option, but consult a lawyer first.

Specific to AI bots:

  • Obfuscation: Techniques like text replacement or synonymization can make content harder for AI to understand.
  • Content fingerprinting: Adding unique identifiers to your content allows you to track and potentially take action against unauthorized use.
  • Legal agreements: Consider including terms and conditions that specifically prohibit AI use of your content.

Important notes:

  • Balance: Implementing too many restrictions can hurt your website’s accessibility and SEO.
  • Effectiveness: No method is foolproof, and determined bots can often find workarounds.
  • Ethical considerations: Be mindful of unintentionally blocking search engines or legitimate research bots.

Remember, the best approach might involve a combination of these methods tailored to your specific needs and content type. Consult with a web developer or security expert for specific guidance based on your unique situation. Here is my Codeable profile if you need help:

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