The Agile Process Flow


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Simple example of an Agile project manager table:

Goals Ready In Progress In Review
eCommerce Add plugin waiting on prices
Update Images Have 1st images Need fill object (faces)

Concept – Projects are envisioned and prioritized
Inception – Team members are identified, funding is put in place, and initial environments and requirements are discussed
Iteration/Construction – The development team works to deliver working software based on iteration requirements and feedback
Release – QA (Quality Assurance) testing, internal and external training, documentation development, and final release of the iteration into production
Production – Ongoing support of the software
Retirement – End-of-life activities, including customer notification and migration

A typical iteration process flow can be visualized as follows:

Requirements – Define the requirements for the iteration based on the product backlog, sprint backlog, customer and stakeholder feedback
Development – Design and develop software based on defined requirements
Testing – QA (Quality Assurance) testing, internal and external training, documentation development
Delivery – Integrate and deliver the working iteration into production
Feedback – Accept customer and stakeholder feedback and work it into the requirements of the next iteration

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