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People always ask me about SEO and what can be done to improve page rank, etc. In particular they ask about service providers and freelancers who “promise” the moon and then some. Mostly from emails or ads they see on the inet. You can trust that most advertising campaigns are advertising due to lack of business—quality of delivery—or they have tons of money and are legitimate services, most of the time.

Quite honestly, several business owners and I have been looking for good SEO people to help us out on a number of websites we want to rank. After a year or so of looking and trying, we found it works just as well to have people in your organization who blog and share content on social media. You can get way more bang for your buck this way than any other formula. Add content, blog, tweet and share. That’s the formula.

If there were a magic solution to make your website number one on Google then everyone would be doing it. Google and Bing change constantly to keep people from learning how it all works. 99 percent of all SEO companies will take your money and buy those little ads you see at the top of the page in search engines. This is their trick and even though they say they will give you all this great and powerful information, every month to tell you how you are doing, that is not much of anything besides a bunch of numbers that anyone can get from Google Analytics.

I have better luck with 3 step method than installing any plugins. In fact I stopped installing yoast, etc. after I spoke with a guy that ranks sites. I have landed many site on first and second pages by
1) Content to code/Content placement. The more content, the better;
2) Blogging to get backlink/Backlinks from sites you host;
3) Blogging for social reach and social Media attention.
Nothing else works. (step 1 includes semantics/screen reader support and incredibly clean HTML5 with no missing tiltes, tags… I use the titles to my advantage since they are considered screen reader attributes and the SEs pick up on them as content and not code. In WordPress the tiels can be installed by adding description and alt to every image when uploading.

Best Time to post or blog

6-9 AM and 1-5 PM in weekdays is best time
18% higher Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday
32% Engagement rates on Sunday

twitter feed – tweet twice a week.

In your site design, use text for important content rather than images or Flash.
Make your site work with JavaScript, Java and disabled.
Organise your site such that you have pages that focus on a particular topic.
Avoid HTML frames and iframes.
Use normal URLs, avoiding links that look like form queries (
Market your site by having other relevant sites link to yours.
Don’t try to cheat the system (by stuffing your pages of keywords, or attempting to target specific content at search engines, or using link farms).

Remember: Content is King!

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