Theme supports OnList Plugin functions as follows:

– Plugin excerpts are served to the theme page template `page` using template `onlist-excerpt-content` from the plugin `public` directory.

– Single custom post types ( onlist_post ) will be served to the plugin template `content-single`
from the `inc/templates` folder in the plugin. This uses the Templater functions from the plugin templater file and passes the theme single post directly to the plugin template —called `single-onlist_post`. The theme `single` template that comes with this theme is only for non-plugin single posts.

– OnList category groups can use a widget or a page to display all of the categories. This is done using the theme `page` template using custom functions to check if the plugin is installed. If the plugin is installed the `page` template from the theme then uses the shortcode that you put in the page to pull shortcode content from the plugin.

– Plugin category excerpts that are linked from any category shortcode page (not category widget) will be passed to the plugin template named `content-category` that is parsed from the `singl-onlist_post` template. These excerpts will appear on the plugin template `single-onlist_post`.

– Comments template for theme uses the comments template in the theme. There is a comments template in the plugin but it is only for fallback in case a theme is used with out a valid comments template.

Theme supports WP functions as follows:

– Excerpts for blog posts use page template `content-excerpt`
– Single posts use standard `single` template.

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