Other OnList Settings

Set # of listings on home page

This setting can override the WP blog posts setting for setting how many posts show on the blog page. Blog Posts are controlled by WP Admin and OnList Listings per Page are controlled from OnList settings. See image.

This setting will control how many listings you see on the Main Listing Page and all additional Listings will show as paginated with pagination navigation built into the bottom of every page.

address presentation









Set # characters in excerpt

This setting can help disperse the listing words inside of an Excerpt for the Main Listing Page boxes. Number selector uses “characters” per excerpt and not words. This helps to make more finite paragraph sizes so you can control the amount of content that is displayed on the page.

Set the height of excerpt box

This setting is a height adjustment for the boxes which hold the Excerpt content. You may or may not have to do anything with this setting for most themes. If you theme is behaving funny and you are having trouble with mobile or tablet views, then try using this setting to adjust the height accordingly.

Set text for listing link

The listing link is what shows at the end of content inside of the Excerpt boxes and links to the actual Article (or single post as WP calls it). By default this is just a greater-than sign to appear like a “forward” arrow. You can replace this with text or even three dots (ellipsis).

Check to Show Comments for Listings

OnList plugin uses the built-in WordPress Comments API to display a form area on each listing at the bottom of the listing page. WP Comment API is very robust and can serve as a tool to implement several use case scenarios that will help your customers, visitors and listing owners create a way to communicate.







Comment form can be used to ask questions between site visitor and listing owner.

  • Use for responding to a job listing
  • For bidding
  • Setting up a service call for services
  • Share URLs
  • Share names of ‘interested’ customer/members
  • Writing review about listing
  • Just plain commenting about listing

Checking box to Show Comments for Listings will allow comments to be shown and used globally on your website.

Un-checking Removes comment completely from listings. (existing comments will still be saved in database)

Remember that these comments are separate from WP Posts Comments and do not show in any Blog page posts.

Check to Allow Individual Authors to Choose Response View

If Check to Show Comments is Checked, checking this setting will create a dropdown selector in the listing Editor for Listings; allowing the individual Authors/Owners of listings to have control over whether or not the comment form area is display on their individual listing, or not.

show comments






Every listing an Author has can now have the choice of showing comments or not showing comments. A listing author may turn on the comments/review/advert for one listing they own on your website but may turn off the comment for another separate listing they have on the site.

Check to Show Ratings View

Check box to allow Ratings system on every listing. Un-check to remove.

ratings widget











Enter text for above rating form

Text will show above the OnList Rating form if you add text into this field from the admin settings Options tab. Leaving the field blank will show no wording on the public view of your Single Listings.

This text is handy for many uses.

  • Grade services
  • Rate a song or painting
  • Voting system

Please note that OnList Rating system runs distinct from most systems and is a bit more concise in the results it returns. Ratings are based on a simple One to Five choice range and have half digits for each number… 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5… 4.5, 5. The total can become be more precise than a five Star system. Results are displayed using two digitals after the decimal place. So a rating may show as 4.67 as apposed to 4.5. We just felt it was a nice outside-the-box type of system to use.

Additional OnList Settings

Set # of listings on home page.

Set # characters in excerpt

Set the height of excerpt box

Set text for listing link.

Text for link to listing.

Set height of thumbnail.

additional settings

Check to use default USA States.

Leave Un-Checked to create your own.

Check to Remove Maps from Site.
Set width of map on page
Set height of map on page

Check to Show Ratings View.
Enter text for above rating form

Login Page Title

Upload a Logo or Enter URL

Title for Pay to View

Text for PayToView Title

Page to Direct Pay To View

Redirect for PayToView users list all pages
Recommend the login page with login shortcode. Current Page Id is: 8
OR: Check below to not use the button as PTV but as PopUp modal

Spam Protector Not Pay to View
Check to make information invisible unless user clicks button.
This method avoids scrapers and bots from stealing your email etc.

Brand Logged-In Pages
Check to Remove default dashboard Widgets and Add Colors.
By default dashboard widgets show. Check to replace with a Listing Widget for logged in authors.
Dashboard Colors, below, will not work unless set.

Comments in Listings

By default, ALL responses will show on public views. Response text field area uses core WordPress Comments module to allow two parties the ability to talk back and forth about the listing. This can even be used as a Review box or even as a Service Request box.

Check OnList Options to Allow Individual Authors to Choose Response View.


To allow the authors to choose whether or not they want to receive comments for their listing, check the box “Check to Allow Individual Authors to Choose Response View*. This will allow the authors to turn off comment on their individual listingsor not.

*If Show Comments Form is activated.

Before and After Content Blocks

Onlist Plugin has two specific HTML addition boxes of which are above the content and below the main content of the listings pages.

Before Content Block will show on only the main listings page or on Single Listing pages or on ALL pages.

before and after content

The After Content Block will show at the bottom of your listings and any page that is an OnList page. In other words, ALL pages. Pages that are not OnList pages will not show any of the Before or After content; like the blog page or custom theme pages. OnLister Theme designed for OnList plugin will however show on any page of that theme.

Onlist is a full support HTML5 responsive theme built to support OnList and can be downloaded at: http://themes/tradesouthwest.com/wordpress/onlister