Additional OnList Settings

Set # of listings on home page.

Set # characters in excerpt

Set the height of excerpt box

Set text for listing link.

Text for link to listing.

Set height of thumbnail.

additional settings

Check to use default USA States.

Leave Un-Checked to create your own.

Check to Remove Maps from Site.
Set width of map on page
Set height of map on page

Check to Show Ratings View.
Enter text for above rating form

Login Page Title

Upload a Logo or Enter URL

Title for Pay to View

Text for PayToView Title

Page to Direct Pay To View

Redirect for PayToView users list all pages
Recommend the login page with login shortcode. Current Page Id is: 8
OR: Check below to not use the button as PTV but as PopUp modal

Spam Protector Not Pay to View
Check to make information invisible unless user clicks button.
This method avoids scrapers and bots from stealing your email etc.

Brand Logged-In Pages
Check to Remove default dashboard Widgets and Add Colors.
By default dashboard widgets show. Check to replace with a Listing Widget for logged in authors.
Dashboard Colors, below, will not work unless set.

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